Has your six-pack turned into a KEG?  Do you remember being that kid who had the energy to shoot hoops for hours on end, and think he's gone FOREVER?  Are you afraid of becoming as "has-been" and spending your time talking about the great athlete you USED TO BE?

Read on for the secrets I use to turn everyday joes and run-down has-beens into superstars, devoid of pain and running circles around all their friends!

Isaac Picture Hi there.  My name is Isaac Wilkins and I'm a performance coach and personal trainer with over ten years in the game who has made a great living by taking normal people from all walks of life and turning them into fit, attractive, and athletic superstars. 

Not a day goes by when someone doesn't approach me in the gym to say "I saw what your client so-and-so was doing, they're amazing!".  I just smile and tell them that I'm blessed with clients that work hard.  That's definitely true, but there's more to it than that...

Dear Friend,

Have you had "The Moment" yet?  There's a moment in a guy's life where he realizes that he's not the athlete he used to be.  He's let himself go and it's really showing.  Maybe your moment was the day you had to sheepishly buy new pants because you were afraid that your normal ones would split when you sat down at your next meeting.  Maybe it was when you walked by a mirror and the first thing you saw was your gut sticking out instead of your chest.  Or perhaps it was when you just couldn't keep up with the kids anymore on the basketball court, and they let you know it.  The Moment comes in different ways for different guys.

I remember MY moment.  After a dark period in my life I moved across the country, split up from a long-term relationship, and came home to help an ill family member.  I started training clients at a local gym and for the first time in a very long year I hopped on the scale.  I had two nasty shocks when I looked down between my feet to read the number.

The first shock was that I had to lean forward just so I could see the screen between my feet because my fat gut that was obscuring it!

Once I recovered from that shock I was in for another one:  The number itself.  Right there, in sharp, unforgiving, red letters was "292.4"!  That was almost 300 pounds!  I mean, I knew I had let myself go, but that couldn't be accurate, could it?  I stepped off the scale, zeroed it out, and with a deep exhale of breath stepped back on. 


Isaac Fat Pic
Not fit, not healthy, and despite the smile, not happy.

I'm not going to lie.  I had to sit down for a minute and collect my thoughts.  Here I was, a personal trainer and performance coach who's job it was to teach other people how to be lean, fit, and healthy and I was nowhere even close to any of those things myself.  Given that my primary sports are powerlifting and strongman I had been allowing myself to believe that "big" is ok and that it was ok for me to be a "little heavy".  Well, that was a big ol'lie that I'd been telling myself and on that day I came to realize that it was just an excuse for the fact that I'd let myself go.

And the trouble went way deeper than just the way I looked.  My back, hips, and knees hurt all of the time.  I had lost all motivation to do the fun stuff I used to do like hike or play football.  All I wanted to do was sit on the couch, watching other people play the sports I used to love, and stuff my face.

I was exhausted all of the time.  I didn't even have the energy to go out for a walk with my girlfriend, which put a big strain on our relationship.  Her young niece and nephew always wanted to do active things and I just didn't have the motivation.  Heck, even yard work left me feeling wiped out.  I wasn't even 30 yet and I felt like I'd already lost my youth!

I'd let myself go too far and all that realization came to me in my Moment.

Fat Office Guy

Oh yeah, this guy just screams health, vitality, sex appeal, and respect from his peers!
Is THIS what you see when you look in the mirror?  Maybe you're not THAT GUY yet... but you know deep down  this is where you're heading, and it's not pretty.

I'd reached my breaking point.  I used to be fit, active, and athletic just like you and to lose that meant losing a big part of myself and what I loved in life.

The question was:  How do I get my health, athleticism, and IDENTITY back?

That's what I'm talking to you about today.

Using my knowledge and years of experience (both training myself and clients) I sat down and developed a program that would not only drop pounds of useless fat but also build quality muscle and give me back that athleticism of my youth. 

It worked for me.

Isaac Flipping Tire

So how does this help you?

The program worked well.  As a matter of fact, it worked so well that I turned those principals on to my clients.  The vast majority of my clients used to be in this very same situation, too.  I work with guys EVERY DAY who were exactly in the same boat that you are in.  They have the high power jobs.  They have the toys.  They are "making it"... except their bodies were falling apart.  They were huffing and puffing getting up the stairs.  Their knees and backs ached all the time.  They had to rest a whole day after mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and planting a tree.  Playing the sports that they used to excel in?  Yeah right!  That was in the past.

Except it's not.

Now my clients are strong, lean, and fast.  I have fathers who routinely beat their teenage athlete sons in pick-up games.  I have guys in their 30's who look for any chance they can find to hit the beach for some surfing and bikini watching and rocking out just a pair of shorts the whole time.  They walk with the grace and confidence of proven athletes, and they feel that power within themselves.  My clients are actively out looking for new sports and leagues to get into just so they can sink their teeth into new competition!

My Clients Have Rebuilt Their Bodies and Found a Fitness Fountain of Youth, and Now So Could YOU.

A little while back one of my clients said to me between sets:  "Man, you really need to write your system down and share it with more people".  We'd just measured him up and he'd knocked off 20 pounds of dough in just a couple of short months and was feeling better than ever with just two workouts a week.  "He's right", I thought, and now here it is.

You're not destined to be a fitness failure or a has-been, you just haven't had the right system.

What is the Athlete Reborn system?

It's my system that I use to get killer results with my clients.  Inside you'll find:

  • THREE complete programs with every set of every exercise prescribed.  There's no guessing or confusion!
  • My cure for aching joints and sore muscles that takes 20 years off of my clients' bodies!
  • The secret method for putting "spring in your step"!
  • Spend a lot of time sitting and using the computer?  I bet your back, knees, and shoulders feel it, or they will soon.  I've got the simple fix for most common postural problems that will have you mobile and pain-free.
  • The most effective methods for gaining strength that makes everything in the real world easier.  If you're not getting stronger, then the world is just going to pass you by!
  • The most effective "real-world" recovery methods to reduce soreness and keep you energized.
  • Real-world nutrition strategies - so you're not a slave to a scale or eating like a gerbil.
  • Secrets of the pro's for motivation and accountability that will work for you.
  • Fast-paced and short workouts that build strength, torch fat, and teach you how to move with the grace of an athlete, without taking all day.
  • A step-by-step progression from someone just setting foot into the gym for the first time to the long-time weightlifter. You'll know exactly what you need to do to succeed. 
"I've lived a pretty adventurous life, competing in everything from sailing to arm-wrestling to skiing.  As you can imagine, that rough and tumble lifestyle has taken it's toll on my body.  The injuries, aches, and pains were really starting to add up and I was facing the idea that I might be out of commission soon.

Then I began working with Isaac.

Training with him has rebuilt my athleticism and restored my competitive energy.  My back is relatively pain-free.  I'm doing movements in the gym I haven't been able to do for years... and setting records in them!  I'm able to work at my camp throwing wood and doing other heavy tasks for hours on end.  Not only can I do them, I don't feel like I've been hit by a truck the next day!

The hard work has been worth it every day that I walk around with less pain and more energy.  I'm looking forward to new challenges and even am thinking about getting back into arm-wrestling!"
-Sid Malone
Bangor, ME

Athlete Reborn Book Cover
You'll get access to:

The Athlete Reborn Manual.  This is the background guide that will teach you how to lose fat, gain muscle, crank up your metabolism, as well as the secrets of top trainers for making your pain go away and sending your athleticism through the roof!

The Blank Slate Program.  Three months from the couch to super-stardom!  You know why most people fail when they start exercise programs?  It's not because they're unmotivated; It's because they don't teach themselves how to move first.  That makes everything TEN TIMES harder than it needs to be.  No wonder they don't see any results, get discouraged, and fail. 

This program will take YEARS of spinning your wheels off of your development time.  After you complete it you'll be primed and ready for one of the next two programs...

The Big, Strong, and Slow Program.  So maybe you've been in the gym for a while and you're pretty big and strong.  That's awesome!  I bet you're pretty busted up, too.  I remember days when it was all I could do to reach down and tie my shoes!  This program will get all those knots and scar tissue healed up, increase your conditioning, and keep you big and strong.  This isn't some little scrawny dude, foo-foo program.

The Phoenix Rising Program.  What's up, former superstar?  Man, remember when you used to kill it in high school and college.  Remember always being picked first for a game of two-hand touch or three-on-three?  What happened?  Oh yeah, life.  You know, the "real job" at the desk, settling down, no more time for the gym, but lots of watching football (with beers and wings) as opposed to playing it?  Guess what?  You don't need to worry about getting wrecked at your next Men's League basketball or family-reunion football game anymore.  This program will get you back into fighting shape and have you schooling the youngsters again!

"Before getting on Isaac’s program I thought I was pretty awesome, all 160lbs of me. I was one of those guys that spent a lot of time running (which was fast tearing my body apart) and some time in the gym doing mostly “show” exercises with free weights. I loved to rock out pull ups and other bodyweight exercises but I was not structuring them in the right way.

Once Isaac determined that I worked hard enough and he got me on one of his plans, my strength and athleticism EXPLODED. I was actually using my body in the way it was meant to be used, and in a very short amount of time I was cranking out upper-level workouts that would have killed me a few months before.  All this and my body was looser and I moved more smoothly than ever before. I packed on 20lbs of muscle in two months and lost 3% body fat (which brought my total down to 5%). Now I hover between 195-200lbs and I am still getting stronger and faster. If you want to regain your old athleticism or start from scratch Isaac is your man. If you don’t believe me then drop me a line, I would love to set you straight."

Trevor Lea Smith
Austereathletics.com (coming soon!)

If that's not enough to convince you to grab this powerful system for changing your physique and your whole life, then I've included these powerful bonuses to ensure your success:

Bonus #1:  The Focused Fitness Manual.
Focused Fitness E-book Cover
Four top trainers, four methods, all resulting in you building your best body ever.

You'll learn about:

-Kettlebell Training for Extreme Conditioning from Adam Spizman

-Bodyweight Training for Strength by Matt Wichlinski

-Mastering the Basic Barbell Lifts by Isaac Wilkins (yours truly!)

-The Busy Man's Guide to Fitness by Mike Peschler

This book is stuffed full of real-world information and could easily bring $47 on its own.  For you, it's free!

Bonus #2:  Matt Wichlinski Interview
CD Pic
I finally got Matt Wichlinski, owner of The Strength Shop in Virginia Beach to sit down and spill the beans on getting fit, strong, and progressing from a beginner to an advanced athlete as well as some killer tips that you can apply in your own training today.  This interview is a SOLID hour-long grill session where Matt lays it out.  To be honest, I could turn around and sell this audio seminar he delivered for more than I'm charging you for this whole product.  A $47 value!

Bonus #3:  The Athlete Reborn Workout Sheets

You know that having a gym logbook is one of the big keys to success, and now it doesn't get any easier!  You don't even need to come up with your own gym log.  Every single workout in the Athlete Reborn Kit (36 per program!) is pre-loaded for you.  Just print off and fill out!

In addition to just the exercises, sets, and reps, you'll easily be able to track your time, mood, nutrition, and other factors that will let you PINPOINT what makes your workouts work.  A $27 value!

Bonus #4:  Lifetime Updates

A training program, like trainers and athletes, evolves, changes and improves over time.  I want you to know that I'm not leaving you once you buy the package.  Instead I'm offering you FREE updates for life.  Every time I improve and update this package, I'll send you an email and give you the newest and greatest version for free!  Unlimited Value!

Athlete Reborn Book Cover
Get the Athlete Reborn system and killer bonuses now!

Hear what another one of my clients has to say...
"When I met Isaac, I was overweight, pre-hypertensive, lower back pain, and exhausted. I had the additional problem of having a career that had me traveling over long distances and a very uneven schedule. I had put off getting a personal trainer for years, because I always believed I could never find someone that could give me real results with my present work/life situation. In 5 months, Isaac put together a training program that took off 8% body fat and made me as strong as I was 10 years ago. My family and friends were amazed at how different I looked in such a short period of time. One of the things that stand out most from experience was, when I initially began and would become severely winded during warm up; now I can have a casual conversation while doing the warm up.

The most important thing I learned from Isaac was the mental approach to physical fitness. For a long time, I had always approached working out as a thing to check off on the daily schedule of life. It was simply a timeframe, where I did something in a vain attempt to achieve some arbitrary goal. Through Isaac, I learned to approach the 45 minutes as a challenge, a task to accomplish. The workouts were always difficult, but doable. In the beginning, Isaac was there to push me along, but as I developed, I learned to push myself. I feel that is what makes Isaac a highly effective trainer and strength coach."
Mo Shah
Bangor, ME/NY

Ok, so by now you're wondering what the catch is, right?

Here's some common questions I've been getting:

"But I'm not one of those freaky athletes!  Will it be too hard or will I get hurt?" 
No.  Some of my clients started out with no athletic experience whatsoever.  Some never even played T-Ball!  I train them like athletes, based on their ability, and that's exactly how this system is written.  As a matter of fact, you're one of the lucky ones since you probably didn't pick up any bad habits!  If you don't have any background in sports then I've got a program JUST FOR YOU.

"I've been lifting for years and am strong as heck.  This isn't one of those sissy programs where I balance on a ball like a circus bear, is it?" 
Ha!  I know just what you mean.  I come from a powerlifting and strongman background myself.  I got big and strong in the gym and I also got stiff, tight, and kept having all kinds of nagging injuries.  Sure, I was moving big weight but could barely get out of my own way.  I developed a program that made my joints feel good, allowed me to go back to playing sports, and even made me bigger and stronger at the same time.

Ok, most of these types of programs I see make me use all kinds of equipment that I don't have.  Is this another one of those? 
I see those programs and think that's crap, too.  Pretty much all of the training you'll be doing will use nothing more complex then a barbell, dumbbells, and your own bodyweight.  Anything that is in the programs can be substituted for equipment.

Is this one of those "programs" you get where they just sort of throw a bunch of exercises at you? 
Not at all.  Every single set of every exercise is written out for you.  Every exercise is demonstrated both in pictures and in written descriptions in the comprehensive exercise index.

What if this stuff is too hard?
Look, I'm not going to lie to you.  These programs are hard work.  Nobody built a great body or any sort of skills without working hard.  That's the way it is.  Anyone that promises you great fitness results without hard work is flat out lieing to you.  However, with three different programs and clear guides there's plenty of variation for wherever your starting.  Plus there's a special section on progressions and regressions to help you tweak each program for where you are RIGHT NOW.  Remember, it's not where you start, it's how you finish and when you're on the right path you'll finish at the top.

Reality Check Time!

I'm also going to be honest here:  If you're a hardcore competitive athlete, then these probably aren't the programs for you.  If you're an advanced, competitive bodybuilder who's trying to get ready for the stage, then these programs aren't for you.  If you're going to just half-ass your way through a workout and then complain that it "didn't work", then these programs DEFINITELY aren't for you, either.

If you're sick and tired of failing at fitness.  If you're tired of feeling stiff, sore, and like crap all of the time, and sick of that nagging sense of doubt and lack of confidence when faced with a physical challenge, then these ARE the programs for you.

"Ok, that's it!  I'm in!  Just tell me where do I sign up and how much does it cost?"

Well, I normally charge well over $400 for a three-month program, and you're going to get THREE of them here.  I'm not going to charge you that price, though.

As a matter of fact, the pricing has been a bone of contention with some of my friends in the fitness industry.  They say that I'm giving it away at only $47, and that's WITH the bonuses!

And don't forget, one of those bonuses is UPDATES FOR LIFE!

Click here to get started!
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